Last Monday during one of our lil English discussions, Mr. Dalley said that people usually only write stuff when they feel depressed. And I was all (to myself) “PWAH PWAH! That’s ridiculous! I mean just LOOK at my Kanga posts! They’re FULL of happiness!!”

But then I remembered my last couple posts.

And I got all oh yeah it’s sorta true

…SORTA true. Ysee a lot of the stuff I type here is happy. Fun and sunshine. Even random people I meet commend me when they say how “gay” my Kanga is. I know they mean happy. So to live up to gayness, I’ll make an awesome non-emo post! (Note to self: gay jokes aren’t too funny.)


So my “What is Wow?” video for the PTA Reflections contest got sent into state level, right? Well on Wednesday I got a letter in the mail… and then… for a lack of a better build up, I got this AWARD OF NATIONAL MERIT! YAY!!

The package came with an info letter explaining why I should be proud, an actual certificate (embossed and signed with non-stamp signatures!), a coooool medallion, and some “gjob” mini letter from PIXAR!!! IS THAT AWESOME, OR WHAT?! Hint, answer is not “what”.

I actually got an award for something I DID. Let’s count how many awards I got over the years now!


and uh… yeah!

YAY! Well okay I got some of them Wildcat awards for who-knows-whats, but that’s as much of an award as a marshmallow steak for dinner. The only difference is that a Wildcat award is not delicious and existent.

One last thing, I met the school’s superintendent a few weeks ago (on my birthday actually) and he said he’d show my video at the next school board meeting! MMMMM exciting.

See, see, I don’t only write about pain and teenage angst. I tell you when I’m happy and or awesome.