So Proetic

Oh my gosh I read everyone’s blogs again.

So much college stuff!

All this celebration, despair, and farewell! Some made it to their dream colleges! Others… not so much! Reminiscence fills our minds! Every one talks of yearning the past yet looking forward to the future! They say NAY I shall not forget those who’ve loved and YAY to adventures which lie ahead! So much hope and hesitation, doubt and aspiration, it is emotions of such that underlay the very bellies of our adolescent lives! It is our transformation in the form of an unsteady seal that crosses pages from chapter to chapter!

(That was all said with me jumping around the room in circles.)

But yeah, I feel kinda eh because I didn’t have a dream school. Animation? CSUF has a pretty awesome program, but that doesn’t sound as cool as HARVARD or STANFORD. I guess it could’ve been Cal Arts, but… nah. So while I’m REALLY excited for college right now, probably not to the extremity as everyone else?

Yknow what I am excited for? CAAAANDAY! Just kidding. I’m excited to start my own webcomic and kick some tail in animation. I’d be excited for cookies too, though!

Okay I’m bored of typing now. LET’S GO NOT STUDY FOR COMPS EVERYONE!