Slice? Or low-cut?

Hey look another post title that’s a question.

Yesterday was senior service day and I had to help some kids at Gonsalves with some tests. Twas an alright experience. Not as cool as a FOOD TRUCK, but some kids were pretty chubby, so it was sorta like helping some food trucks. HAHA just kidding there weren’t any chubby kids. Just a few Whites, Hispanics, and a bunch of Asians. Skinny Asians.

Speaking of which, I saw crazy Charlie from Quest there. Surprisingly not as crazy as Quest Charlie, he’s more regular Charlie (although he had to stay in for recess because he was in trouble). No, I’m not talking about a unicorn or a baby.

Speaking of speaking of which, during recess I REALLY wanted to play handball. I haven’t played that since… well last year actually, but I would’ve TOTALLY rocked on that court. Honestly, if handball were a real sport I would go pro.

OH WHAT IS THIS?! < Alright well professional handball just isn’t the same. Oh yeah, but I didn’t get to play handball because I was stuck in the classroom having a conversation with the teacher… Sure, the talk was pleasant. But was it as pleasant as wacking a nice red ball against a hard brick wall? I don’t think so.