66% done

Grandparents Rough

…with the drawing of my grandparents. I think it’s turning out pretty good, all I have left is the hair, background, and refining. Let’s hope I work on it during school! And if someone gives me $100, I will TOTALLY draw an afro on my grandma.

20% of my old comics posted

…on Drawn to Scrawl. Remember that website I made about a year ago? IT IS BACK. More back then Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back, which is, by the way, 2x the standard back. I’m using the site to post any comics I poop out. If you go there now you’ll probably see the old alphabet comics I made last year, but new material will come very soon! I already have a Snuggie comic waiting in the queue. HAHA! Click here to go!..

15% of my friends

…have blogs that are now linked from here. At the bottom of the menu there’s a little “Other Bloggies” section, HOWEVER, I didn’t add everyone I once had when this site was on Blogspot because I had to start over (long story). Tell me if you want your bloggy there, and if you once linked to MY blog, remember to change the address to “www.kevinapproved.com”..!

100% of No More Heroes

…is complete! I finished the game this morning, although “100%” is arguable, for I didn’t get all the stuff and stuff. But man, that thing is trippy. What other game uses a toilet as a saving station??

???% ready

…for school tomorrow! I didn’t prepare or anything, but I should be fine, right? What am I supposed to do the day before school? Maybe I’ll practice nodding off as a sleep combatant while listening to coma-inducing, monotone voice. Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes? No…

-off to pack-