Catch 2010

Happy Birthday… Year!

Wait is it the “year” that’s getting older? Or just another year that got birthed while the old one died? I’d like to believe the former: the year is 2,010 years old now.

Other question: Did anyone get to watch the “eco-friendly” 2010 ball drop at midnight? I did, and it was pretty cool, albeit the same as last year. The UNcool part was that I had to watch it on television. Ysee on TV, I only got two channels for it – only TWO options of people who I could watch the New Year transition with: Carson Daly or Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest. This became a dilemma because, quite frankly, I’d rather not watch either of them.

Why not Carson Daly? He’s an okay guy, but I always associate him with “OLD”… Ever since he was booted from MTV for not being as awesome as when he was younger (sorta like a cat and a kitten, although after Youtube happened, that’s debatable), I have this idea in my head that whatever he does was only popular in the 90’s. “Wasn’t he like Power Ranger or something?”  That’s a sort of red herring reason to not watch this guy, but what REALLY bugged me was that whoever set up his little studio probably had some huge WIDE screen teleprompter display for Carson- I could totally see his eyes shift right to left as he was read the script from line to line. That’s so uncomfortable! He should be talking to ME in his own words! That’s how it’s supposed to work! Like people on the news!!

Why not Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest? First of all, have you SEEN Bloopers? The episodes that aired about a decade ago hosted by Dick Clark? I have nothing against Clark right now, but back then I just DETESTED the guy because his acting was so painfully horrible on the show. Ysee before he’d play a Blooper clip, he’d make some lame joke and then laugh at it like it was the funniest thing his ears have ever heard! Eyes closed, bent over and all. And it wasn’t even “funny bad” acting, like Channing Tatum – Dick Clarkjust made me angry. Later I concluded it was probably not his fault, but the director’s fault for making him unjustifiably laugh so many times. So I forgave him. And then… he got a stroke. Now, I’m scared for him. Terrified for his well-being. Every time I see the guy on the tele, I’m so worried that he’s gonna collapse or keel over and die for no apparent reason. “Is he gonna be okay? There are paramedics standing by, right?”. I’m always at the edge of my seat. It’s like watching a horror movie (no offense, Clark). THEN, Clark sends it over to Seacrest, who really doesn’t appeal to me. It could be I’m a little resentful because he’s getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to just say a few words and take us to a commercial on American Idol. Is he “cool”? Does he have lotsa fans? Isn’t he a little passe?? Isn’t he… a Carson Daly?

Legendary Dick Clark“I can make it on my own!..”

In the end, I didn’t wanna watch any of them, but I had to watch that dang ball drop!

My decision: I ended up switching back and forth between the channels, staying on whichever didn’t have someone talking. HAHA.

And I didn’t know they played the song Auld Lang Syne at midnight! I’ve loved that song ever since I saw all of It’s A Wonderful Life! (So since like a week ago.) Did you know the title of the song title translates to “times gone by”? I’d say that’s more fitting than a nice pair a jeans that fit very nicely!

The celebration of New Year’s is mighty awesome because it’s essentially the celebration of time. It’s a day where the entire planet parties all night and says “We made it this far! Now to wipe our slate clean and start a new!”. It’s our excuse to make our lazy butts DO something of significance for our lives in the form of a promise. I made one of those promises too!

My resolution…

I made one of my resolutions with Pogawa, and that is to gain 10 pounds by spring break. Now that I think about it, it seems a little short-lived… but HOW ABOUT I extend it to “gain 10 pounds by spring break AND maintain that weight throughout the year“! Yeah! I plan to accomplish this goal by working out at least 3 times a week and eating gigantic servings every meal. Worse comes to worse, reverse liposuction.

My second resolution is to launch that alphabet comic website! Now that THIS site is up, I can start working on my OTHER one. I shall accomplish this resolution by uh… having a layout and three comics done by February, finishing the code of the site by March, and having it ready for launch by Spring break with a nice 5 week buffer of comics. HUHAH! That’s actually quite a bit of time… I’ll try to update the site once a week. Also! I still need a name for the comic! Any suggestions would be great. OH in the tone of Gary Cole’s voice (who I used to think looked like Kevin Bacon)(and no, I don’t mean Gary Coleman): Yeah… if you could suggest some names for my comic, that would be great…

I hope you have awesome resolutions as well! If not, here is a list of

Suggested New Year’s Resolutions (for you):

  • Give me 100 dollars.
  • Give me 1,000 dollars.
  • Give me 10,000 dollars.
  • Raise a donkey and name it “Horse”, just to mess with it.
  • Defy gravity.
  • Become a certified music listener.
  • Lose weight you fatty.
  • Just kidding about that last one, go gain some weight and be happy you fatty.
  • Solve that whole cancer problem.
  • Put your right hand in, and then take it out.
  • Become a zombie, and then get a human brain transplant to become a human with zombie powers.
  • Go on a roller coaster and refuse to get off until you are fed three pounds of corn.
  • Draw half a mustache on yourself with a sharpie and say your friends shaved the other half off when you were asleep. Act angry.
  • Beat that one guy’s record for rolling on the ground the longest.
  • Have an affair with Tiger Woods. (Just kidding. But not really. Just do it.)
  • Eat cereal without the milk.
  • Make a blog for your nose and talk about the boogers of the day.
  • Make a blog for your friend’s nose and talk about the boogers of the day.
  • High five a black dude.
  • Confess your love to the one you secretly admire.
  • Go to jail.
  • Put up a posting on Craigslist stating you’re looking for a drummer who is proficient with chopsticks.
  • Find La Isla Bonita.
  • Travel back in time and claim you’re from the past.
  • Travel forward in time and mess everything up.
  • Reproduce asexually, then sue yourself for rape.
  • File for bankruptcy to put food stamps in a sticker book.
  • Put your mailbox on a remote control car and make the mailman chase after it.
  • Rate the cleanliness of someone’s beard by putting a sticker with a letter on it.
  • Pretend you’re turning into a werewolf and howl at a full moon.
  • Turn into a werewolf.
  • Play laser tag with actual lasers and actual tags.
  • Outgrow your skin.
  • Build a clock that moves 10 seconds too slow, then give it to your enemy and challenge him to a duel in about an hour. (He’ll totally show up late.)

I COULD GO ON, although this stopped becoming a “New Years Resolution List” before I even started. Oh well.  Here’s to many happy times in 2010!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days o’ auld lang syne!