kevinapproved dot com

Shazam! You have encountered a visual ambush of the new.

Where does one begin? (OTHER THAN WITH A BIG SUPER EXPLOSION!?!)

Wisdom - Seeds of LightUm… yeah this is what Flickr gave me for “explosion”.

Welcome to my new website! As you can see, I ditched Blogspot in a similar manner as I would throw a baby: quickly, but ever so gently. One of the biggest changes here is that since I’m paying for webhosting through BlueHost, I have my very own domain! No longer must you type “” every morning as soon as you wake up! Just type in “” instead and BOOM you’re here. I’m planning on getting “” sometime down the line, I just need a lil more deliberation. But wouldn’t THAT be cool too?!

For this redesign I was aiming for simplicity, although looking around there seems to be a lack of art for an “artist’s” blog. I shall find places to add little drawings here and there (hopefully/probably), so no worries fair maiden.

Speaking of adding stuff later, this website is faaar from done. HAH yeah I “launched” this masterpiece when only the first layer of paint was dry. All of the pages in the menu need to be worked on, as well as a bunch of small little tweaks and stuff. But I didn’t want to wait for my hands to get wrinkly while waiting to reveal this barrage of vertical rectangles! Nay!

Some more stuff with circle-upgraded-to-square bullet points:

  • If you want to leave a comment, there’s no pop-up window like before – you’re just redirected to the post’s individual page.
  • The “Kanga” is the blog part of Kevin Approved. KA houses not only the Kanga blog, but also all my art pieces and anything else on this entire website. That makes sense, right?
  • Since I transferred ALL of my old posts over here from Blogspot, some of the stuff might not function with 100% accuracy. Translation: some stuff broke! But don’t worry your little terrified heart, 90% is perfectly fine everything is still as read-able as before.

Finally, please give your full, undivided attention to the lil button in the upper right corner of the page: THE RANDOM POST BUTTON! It’s so fun! Just go click away on it and read any random post from my archive! I feel awfully obnoxious for falling head-over-heels with the ability to randomly read a bunch of stuff that I wrote in the past, but it’s undeniably entertaining for me! And in my defense, the random posts don’t include awkward/blinding middle school Kanga posts, just everything I wrote using Blogspot, so most of the content is relatively good stuff.

KangaVoidOld Kanga, you might be missed?

Trivia: The design for this website was based on something. Whoever can guess what that something is will win a, uh… something of indeterminate value. Here are some clues as to what it’s based on!:

  • It’s in 99.99% of households.
  • There are many versions of it.
  • It’s usually (and hopefully) designed by an artist.
  • I saw it while looking through
  • It comes in many different dimensions.
  • It’s actually part of something, you can’t really buy it without other components.

What is it? What could it be?! What is the site’s design based on?!?!? The answer within the next few weeks.

In the mean time, tell me what you think of the site! Tell me if I have to fix anything too! Constructive criticism is very much welcome, incoherent jibberish not so much.