Legs = Sore

That equation is true for two reasons.

Reason #1: Ski!i!

“Huh. I should go skiing, just to experience it.” I asked my dad and he was all “How ’bout January 12th?”, which I then responded with something like (permission to groan after the following pun) “HAIL YEAH!!”.

So on Tuesday I went skiing for my first time ever!! HOORAY FOR KEVIN! I went to Snow Summit (near Big Bear) with my dad and Kevin Nguyendo, formerly nicknamed “Kevin Nintendo”, which eventually became ironic for he did not own any Nintendo consoles, resulting in an unnecessary description of his name on my blog right now. But ‘sokay. Skiing was REALLY FUN!!

Ski 1Thar be my dad and KevN on the ski lift.

Ski 2HAHA THAT’S ME FALLING! I wish my dad took more pictures of me falling, preferably face first with a mouth full of snow. Is that a weird thing to wish.

Ski 3That was actually the last part we ski’d down. Wait, “skied”?

One of my favorite parts about first learning how to stand on two planks and slide down a slippery decline is that I kept improving! I started out nooby-booby, of course, utilizing an ever so elegant pizza technique with my skis and moving about five miles per hour, but by the end of the day I was totally going, like, EIGHT miles per hour or something! A clear indication of progress was at this one “Low Intermediate” hill. This is how I approached it:

  • First attempt: “AH EHH… what is the heck?? This isn’t the ‘family’ zone!! More like ‘steep cliff wall face to the edge of Earth of sorts’ zone! God this hill is so evil it’s making me name it! I can’t do that pizza turning thing here!! -UMPH UMPH UMPH-” (Fell many times.)
  • Second attempt: “Ah here it is again! Okay okay, I think I can do it -UMPH- why am I still falling??” (Fell 3 times)
  • Third attempt: “Well I think putting my hands forward will help like before… hey! It’s working -UMPH-” (Fell one time.)
  • Fourth attempt: “Aiite, I got this! Hands forward! Do that turning thing! Yeah yeah!!” (Fell zero times!)

Improvement! -fist pump air jump FREEZE- YEAH!

And now, ignoring an attempt to make these statements flow together in one cohesive paragraph, here are just a few more notes.

  • If you were wondering, my dad taught me everything I needed to know about skiing. He’s just a wealth of information, in’t he?!
  • Falling… isn’t too bad! I don’t think I got any bruises. Getting up after a fall was kind of fun, as weird as that sounds. Twas symbolic.
  • Whenever I would go down fast with my face forward, a Christmasy jingle would play in my head.
  • Something about the “double-black-diamond” combination of words just sounds so badass, doesn’t it?
  • Ski lifts are cool! They’re both physically and morally uplifting.

Despite all of our fun production(?) there might’ve been a small amount of doubt before we left for the mountain. I was unsure that we’d enjoy ourselves because it was my first time, KevinN was unsure because his previous skiing experiences weren’t all that cool (PUN!), and my dad might’ve been unsure because he ultimately had to play a mix between teacher and babysitter of a potentially dysfunctional skier on the snowy lump of lame that is the bunny slope. But that didn’t happen. We had fun. On the car ride home, we were all considerably tired, but also incredibly content, proud, and happy.


Reason #2: UCLA visit!

The second reason as to why my legs are sore is because of yesterday’s rendezvous at UCLA! Yeah French words!

Taylor, Darren and I went to UCLA where Pauliwago gave us a lovely tour (later joined by TiffanyFang) that included Paul’s dorm room, the rec center, the student shop place, dinner #1 at the Bruin Cafe, Allewun’s dorm, an awesome roof top, a telephone booth, dinner #2 with Rujuta Diddy Riese, and some pingpong/pool.

Two favorite quotes of the day:

Darren: (out of nowhere) “It’s hard to be a monster.”


Taylor: (to Paul) “Whenever I’m around you, I expect fail.”

And now for a video on the rooftop of some random UCLA building!

The reason my legs were sore from this was because we walked up SO MANY STAIRS. I didn’t know “ooklah” was so hilly. If I knew we’d be climbing up and down so much, I would’ve been been like (permission to groan after the following pun) “HILL NO!!”. Oh, hey, that’s like the same pun as before.


So for one word to sum up this week: fun!

Second word to sum up this week: mountains.

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