Return Of Knat


Duh nuh nuh!

Because, yknow, that Knat thing totally left!..

If your mental feedreader hasn’t subscribed to the world of Kevin (what?), that up there is a drawing of Knat Gobblenoodle. He’s “my” superhero that has the ability to tie knots! The piece is called “The Return of Knat” because I haven’t drawn him in more than half a year, so this was his “return”… into my sketchbook.

The reason I don’t post more pieces like this is because I rarely do stuff like this! It was one of my few attempts at a somewhat realistic (albeit very exaggerated) portrayal of the human anatomy (the muscles part anyway), and I haveta say, I’m REALLY proud of it!!

Now for the breakdowns.

Inky Knat
Skipping the penciling part because I didn’t scan it, here’s my line work! I used brown Micron pens for this (when I bought them, I thought they were black..).

Color Knat

Slappa-da-base colors on there. My personal preference is to never use completely saturated colors. That way, my piece won’t get mixed up with one of an 8-year-old boy (no offense to 8-year-olds) (or boys). This step took about… two minutes.

Shady Knat
Adding shadow was fun! It helps to know which way the planes are facing – toward the light? Away from the light? This step took about… an hour?

Shady White Knat
Darker shadows + white shininess.

Background Knat
BACKGROUND! I also tinted the shadows a slight red (or maybe I did that earlier, I don’t remember when the tinting occurred).

Then I added that bar thing in the back, added a very thin gradient over the whole thing, and VOILA! The piece at the beginning of this post.

Now I’m gonna be honest with you, devoted reader: I think I did a pretty awesome job. If there were ever a moment to pat myself on the back, I would TOTALLY pat my shoulder because patting my back is an arduous undertaking. I know it’s not a mind blowing masterpiece in any way (I’m aware my line work is a bit sketchy – pun intended), but I think it’s really nice! I’d give myself an A right now and a B- in the real world. Does that make sense?

What I found out while working on this piece was how DIFFICULT it was to make it look good. While sketching all the muscles I had to constantly reference my Bridgeman anatomy book (which was SUPER handy – pun not intended this time). While coloring, I had to carefully go over every inch of Knat’s body to make sure that THAT was how the light was hitting THAT shape. This realization – that GOOD work takes A LOT of work – was sort of surprising. Uh… typing the sentence now, it seems like a stupidly stupid thing to realize, but what I mean is, when I used to see an awesome painting hanging on the wall, I just assumed “wow, that guy probably creates masterpieces in his sleep! He poops out amazing art like some sort of a eyegasm machine gun!” But I don’t think like that now (partly because I never use the word “eyegasm”). The guy probably worked hella hard to get to that point, and still works hella hard to stay there.

So UH.

Sorry I forgot my point. Did I have one? Let’s just make my point “drawing ‘Return of Knat’ was hard!”. Sounds good, yeah, yeah, yeah… Sufficiency achieved!

Anywhats (what?), my next piece shall be a lovely drawing of THE IRON GIANT. Penciling is already done, here comes the inking. Now here’s to hoping my legs don’t hurt like this tomorrow when I go skiing (for the first time!!). I did so much standing today!