Why Today Was Awesome

Pretend I posted this yesterday. I don’t like the sound of “Why ‘Yesterday’ Was Awesome”, just doesn’t sound as cool.

Ever have one of those days that you don’t want to live through? Where you don’t wanna go through all the motions because you know what’s going to happen and it’s nothing exciting? That’s how yesterday started for me – I did NOT want to get out of bed (even though I was well awake). It’s sort of like going to watch a movie you know is bad. What’s the point?

Well as the title of the post clearly states (but not really), yesterday was actually really awesome. Here’s why:

1. No quiz in Physics!

(Like usual on Thursdays!) Well, we got a “take home” quiz anyway. But cmon, that’s just homework in disguise.

2. “I’m gonna go work out”.

Yeah I did. Admittedly it wasn’t the greatest Ahnold work-out routine, but I did get to carry around a free towel to combat perspiration, and when is that not a plus?


That totally deserves a flick of the caps lock because it’s quite difficult to get an A I’d say (okay? hey hey)… in that class anyway. I spent a many-hours on that abstract form which required little to no artistic skill, so seeing that grade made me happier than a smiling dog (but hopefully not as creepy-looking, and probably not as Asian).

4. Made someone smile!

(Note: Not dog related.) In 3Design class we had to evaluate someone else’s project with a partner. Whilst examining a piece with Whitney, we wanted to show the owner of the piece where it needed fixing, so we decided to draw little arrows on the project to point out spots of “needs improvement”… Needless to say, after everyone moved back to their own projects, we totally spied on the girl as she looked through our evaluation and she totally smiled at what we wrote. I like this idea of secretly making someone smile.

5. Played with a small child!

(I enjoy calling children “small”, as if one’s image of a child is not small, but rather a 6 foot Yugoslavian from Yugoslavia.) (Also fun, stating where someone is from after already identifying their race, like “an American from America”. I must have a thing for meaningless redundancy.) (“No one makes me bleed my own blood!” haha!) Uhhh so this was cool for two reasons:

A. Small children are cute. Putting my manliness aside, they are literally balls of soft bone and fat, and it’s hard to avoid a little happiness. The one year old liked me too! She handed me her toy school bus, and she sorta talked to me(?). Speaking of which, one thing to be jealous of is that children that age get away with mumbling gibberish as communication. (GIBBERISH IS SPELLED WITH A G, NOT A J?! Huh. Thanks, Firefox auto speller corrector thing.)

B. As seen in my Twitter post, I TOTALLY HAD A DREAM OF PLAYING WITH A TODDLER! I NEVER had a dream of playing with a small child (haha) before Wednesday night. I also hadn’t SEEN a toddler in like a year (the last one was coach Shermahorn’s). Come yesterday, BOTH HAPPENED! Coincidence at its finest! And I think in the dream, I was either the father or the older brother. Leaning towards the former? Isn’t that bizarre?? No offense to, uh, babies, but I don’t want a child right now. Unless, however, I could work out some kind of rental deal, if there were some kind of “Rent-A-Baby Workshop”, which is sort of like Build-A-Bear Workshop, just with less not-aliveness, and in that case, I might be interested in obtaining a baby, although I’m assuming I’d need some kind of membership, and I’m assuming the waiting list would probably be filled up for about a year, so that may somewhat deter my desires, but in a hypothetical situation as such, I cannot deny the attention a baby rental company would get from me.

I’d rent that.

6. Got work for an independent film!

Mi amigo Jackson said his mom was looking for someone to draw some pictures for the credits of her independent film, so I said “okay!”. I met with her yesterday and I’m officially working on it! The 15 minute movie is going to be played at film festivals around the country, quite possibly Sundance! “NICE!” There’s no pay, but thas coo, I want the experience and exposure. I don’t think I should give away anything about the film (other than it looks really good), but I’ll be sure to link to it or show it on this blog once it’s done. (Jackson’s mom is, by the way, the own of the previously mentioned toddler. I did not find a random toddler on the street and start playing with it. Although if I did, I’d probably donate it to the Rent-A-Baby Workshop.)

7. Thursday!

Always a great day to not do homework when I get home.


I thought there wasn’t a new episode on Wednesday! It didn’t show up on the schedule! But I checked the DVR recorded programs and BOOM new episode. Oh my gleeful heart became. It’s like that feeling of surprise and happiness you get when you put on one of your jackets and find a five dollar bill in the pocket. You know.

9. Watched the Olympics!

Right before I went to sleep. Snowboarding awesome, figure-skating not so much. But these winter sports can still be all kinds of exciting.

YEAH! That is why today (yesterday) was awesome.

DUDE yknow what?

TODAY today was awesome too!

(Said in Monk tone:) Here’s what happened:

I had work today. I got to the studio (first one there) and Ken told me I didn’t have to digitize any of the movies the teachers sent to our department. This essentially meant that the main chunk of what I do at my job didn’t need to be done anymore!

At first I was like “buuhhh… what if I am not needed for the job anymore and I get laid off?!”. So I sat there for almost an hour twirling my thumbs and stumbling upon various websites. My super visor guy Tim came in later, and when he heard the news, he started celebrating (by tossing a tape on the floor and kicking it). I then realized “hey, this is actually kind of good! LESS WORK TO DO! And it’s not like we have absolutely nothing to work on, we still have other video shoots and stuff!”. So… no whine – win! Win win!

We (Tim, Jocelyn, Emily, and I) ended up spent a lot of the day watching curling on the Olympics via the lil TV in the room. Exciting stuff. (Although maybe not as exciting as pretending a mannequin head was a real head like on Wednesday??) My are young at heart – they’re awesome.

So let us review, shall we?

I went in to watch a dreadful movie, but it turns out the movie didn’t suck. I came out of the theater very satisfied after somehow actually watching two amazing films in a row. That, my friends, is a double feature well worth living through.