DM #1: Boxing, Prison, and No Babies

Children of Men

Announcement, everyone: I have… yet another blog.

Yes, because I have SO MUCH TIME IN THE WORLD (NOTE THIS IS SARCASM), I’ve started a new blog about movies. Every week I’ll watch one (primarily via Netflix), and then I’ll draw a picture for it, followed by my thoughts on the film. It’s called Drawing Movies.

And then! Here’s the magic part!

At the end of every month I’ll post here, on Kevin Approved (whoa almost called it “Kanga Approved”. Haha.), a recap of all the movies I’ve seen that month. For your convenience. I started the blog a few weeks ago, so here are the movies for February 2010.

FYI, I’m not 100% sure I’ll continue this for all the movies I watch. Also note that my first few pictures are, in baby layman’s terms, kinda poopy. But it can only go up from here! (right?)

Let me know what you think!