The Pseudo-Security Bubble



Something about Germany.

It could’ve been the fact that The Amazing Race had teams thrown into a WWI battle, or the fact that my reading of Kavalier and Clay had Josef escaping from Nazi-infested Prague, but I think I was dreaming about Germany… or maybe just Jaeger from Ultimate Muscle, but he is German nonetheless.

So there I was, I assume, sleeping peacefully with thoughts of green-helmeted German guys using RED RAIN OF PAAAIIIN. Suddenly, all the images disappeared. I was in no anime wrestling ring, but instead, I was in my bed – and I was moving. Not random spaz movements I get from falling dreams, no, my bed was shaking back and forth, moving me like some bed massage on steroids (probably costing at LEAST 75 cents to start up)!

“Where am I?! What is happening?!” Instinctively I pulled the covers over my face and waited for the rocking to stop. It was an earthquake (duh). A few seconds later the shaking had subsided and all was back to calm.

I laid in bed wide awake and frozen in place (sort of ironic?). Manly manliness aside, I was quite scared. I’ve never been so terrified of an earthquake, but it snuck up on me! It attacked while I was sleeping, which is such a low blow, even for Earth, because it KNOWS that it is not supposed to activate its tectonic plates whilst the innocent are dream catching! But it did. And it made me feel unsafe.

Which brings me to a brand new term:

The Pseudo-Security Bubble.

The Pseudo-Security Bubble is the (false) sense of security you get when in a certain environment. In the preceding anecdote, the PS Bubble was my house. I assumed it could protect me from foreign threats, but with today’s 4.5 in Pico Rivera, that sense of protection disappeared. The Pseudo-Security Bubble popped.

This also gets me a little antsy while anticipating the SoCal “Big One”. This article from Science Daily states that “California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake Within 30 Years”. Come on guys, “more than 99% chance?” That’s just 100%. Stop messing with us.

Pseudo Security Bubble popped!
WHOA! This was an image search I did on the Pseudo-Security Bubble! I guess in this situation, the guy’s bubble was the idea that no enemy would jump out and stab him with a bayonet. The bubble burst when an enemy jumped out and stabbed him with a bayonet. (Thereby using the sharp end to literally burst the invisible bubble of personal space as well.)

Another example of a PS Bubble is a driver and a car. The Pseudo-Security Bubble while speeding down the freeway is so large that we let ourselves drive 80+mph (well, I do anyway MMMM..). But even moving at just 10mph, once another car hits us (or vice versa), we feel violated. We come to the realization that this metallic fort on wheels is not invincible and we’re vulnerable to dangers beyond our control.

While the Pseudo-Security Bubble turns down the panic and let’s us relax on a bullet train shooting us more than 200mph, it bursts once we’re exposed to something that endangers our lives, and it bursts into an incredible size. Most times we’re left in a state of denial and disarray, thinking “is this really happening?” (the blame could partly be put on Hollywood movies) because the shock of a variable penetrating the bubble is so enormous.

Do realize that a bursting Pseudo-Security Bubble doesn’t happen often, so I’m not telling you to always be expecting a 2010esque dilemma to break out any time soon. But as long as you’re aware that such a mentality exist, you’ll do that much better in extreme situations and be running right up along John Cusack.

P.S. Have you ever Googled “Pseudo-Security Bubble”? No? Well you shouldn’t. Because you’d come up with nothing (except maybe this post?). Even though it IS an actual thing… I totally made up the term “Pseudo-Security Bubble”. I haven’t taken any psychology class (I didn’t just discredit myself, right?), but if anyone who has taken one knows the correct term for the Pseudo-Security Bubble, please let me know! My guess is that anything else probably doesn’t sound as cool.