Filmed two weeks ago.

I’ve thought about making a video blog (vlog?) before. Yknow, the whole Youtube “hey world! I’m talking to the camera and ranting about random stuff”. It would be pretty cool to do. I could definitely ramble about random stuff to the internet, like how I would love to use the line “I’m here to but the kibosh on the shish kabob!” for bizarre alliteration’s sake, given a load of skewered foods are wrecklessly rampaging through town. I would do that.

But I won’t! Because I don’t want to. I’d rather update my Kanga Kevin Approved. If I made a video blog, when would I have time to write on this non-video blog?

But Kevin, couldn’t you just make a video blog instead of writing these long ridiculous entries?

That is a very good question, Sir Worthington of Knoxville, Tennessee! (That is your name.)

Video blogging and regular blogging are very different. Sure, I could just read a typed up entry and call that this week’s video. BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME!! There is an art to writing these, you see. I have to keep in mind the pacing, the syntax, the diction, the visual appeal of these paragraphs, and so on. Jokes are a lot different because while you can decipher them easily though visuals and concrete timing, reading and writing comedy is a lot harder to execute successfully. For example, it’s much more challenging to pick up sarcasm by reading a sentence. (But who DOESN’T know that, amiright?!) Video blogging, in my opinion is too easy for both the creator and the viewer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all kinds of fun, but I think there’s more elegance to reading something rather than watching it.

Says the boy who barely reads any books.

Mmmm that’s all I have to say for tonight. New comic at http://drawntoscrawl.tumblr.com/! Huzzah!!