Been A While

Four score and seven years ago (give or take), I once had a blog. A blog that, when need be, presented my mundane adventures to enthrall the fascinated world. But life has dealt its cards and no more do these stories submerge upon the surface of steadily rising tides in the mind’s ocean.

What I mean to say is that I haven’t really been talking about much on my blog lately. If you look at my most recent posts, I got a picture of Jesus, a video of my garage, an article about the Pseudo-Security Bubble, and two entries about entries for a different blog. What happened to the good times of when I talk about stuff that happen in my life?


(Time can “return”, right?)

This KApp post is like the second coming of Jesus, except it’s nothing like it at all. Let us now revel in the recap of my spring break..

1. Party with Paul

Party as in eat lunch. We went to Fantastic Burger Grill, formerly known as Steam City, formerly known as Fantastic Cafe, formerly known as 13 other restaurants probably. And who better to see at the place than Johnny, our former employer! I think he left after he saw us – I look down for one second and he’s gone.

Also, NEW YEARS RESOLUTION ACCOMPLISHED! I gained 10+ pounds by spring break! (As did Paul! Yay!) I wish this worked like Xbox360 achievements, where… actually I don’t know how they work. Nevermind.

2. Eat More

Ate burgers at InNOut with VeroJanShelley, then ate chocolate yogurts at Yogurtland with JanJaneTammy. Fun! My non-existent goal to eat very healthy foods, however, is hypothetically failing.

3. Pictionary at Craigo’s

That was on Friday, right? Or Saturday? Something. CraigDarrenVeroKennyEric were participants in these shenanigans. A note to anyone who wants to try, Pictionary words usually don’t work well in a game of Charades.

4. We See San Diego

A trip to UCSD! Went there with JanJane. We didn’t do much for those two days… but I still had fun.

The first night the three of us and TonyLukeJessieCindy “played” a little Chat Roulette, the most absurd site on the internet. We saw lots of things including bomb salesmen, suicidal guys, and guys. You know. GUYS.

The following day included breakfast at OVT (Breakfast at Oceanview Tiffany’s?) with Ellen, meeting up with Dustin INGAGLIOLA, nap time, lunch with Jessie and meet up with Estelle, a venture through the “Serpant’s Pass”, fast poop at Jessie’s, Earl’s place (not the Crab Shack, that’s Crabman anyway), HUHUHUHUH’d and Sporcled instead of going to the cliffs, dinner with Luke and Tony, then go home!

Whilst meandering through the campus, Jan and I discovered that UCSD had an incredible resemblance to the world of Avatar: The Last Air Bender, having everything from from Ba Sing Se to Prince Zuko. Ask and I shall enlighten.


I forgot my camera so that is a picture of Lego Zuko. Good times at UCSD!

5. How to Train Your Shutter Island

On Thursday I went with KevN to watch How to Train Your Dragon and Shutter Island. Both GREAT movies, enjoyed HTTYD a little more. I don’t know if I’ll do a DM for Shutter Island, but if I don’t, here’s a note: I very much enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio and his inability to play characters that live in the present.


Sorry I forgot to mention this… A couple weeks ago WhitneyT said “I wanna go to Art Center!”, and I said “Me too!”, so on Thursday we went. It’s A LOT smaller than I imagined! After Art Center we drove on over to Pasadena and looked around that one street with all that stuff on it. We encountered lots of things throughout the day including lizards, Indian music, the well from the ring, cardboard binders, Dreamworks art, European art, an Apple store, an infinite-direction cross walk, and a burger place where all the employees were bald (except one guy. I think that hair’d guy was jealous of the bald guys’ baldness.).


Today – YES TODAY – I finally finished the drawing of my grandparents, the one I started back in… January, right? or was it December? Something. I think it turned out pretty good. There’s always room for improvement, but NO, THIS IS DONE, NO MORE, HOURS HAVE GONE BY, NO MORE TWEAKING! I shall deliver it to my GPA’s in a few hours.


And… thas it.

Now I have two finals and a speech this coming week, plus I’ll probably have some painting and 3D project to work on. Sooooo the next time I’ll make a post like this? Your guess is as good as mine.

(But realistically speaking, mine is probably a little better.)