The one ring is destroyed!

For those of you who have not yet finished the school year, I wanna say good luck, and I hope this post doesn’t make you bitter in any way. (Unless you are a generally bitter person, and in that case I guess you wouldn’t be straying too far from your character type.) But uh…


I need my own pocket-sized Phil Keoghan (eyebrow lifter and host of The Amazing Race) to let me know, whenever I finish anything huger than huge, how much hell I had to go through to reach the finish line.

Phil: After 9 months, 39 projects, 17 tests, 5 papercuts… Kevin… YOU, are the winner of this amazing race!!

Me: YEAH! -self five-

I finished my last final Thursday morning and boy did it feel awesome. I’d been going through week after week on tight schedules to make sure all my projects were getting done. BUT NO MORE OF THAT, NO SIR-Y! At least not for the next few days..!

My excitement was building so much that I had trouble falling asleep at night during finals week because I was so anxious for it to all end. Each day I’d be finishing one final, making little steps to free myself of the tyranny of homework. Finals reminded me of that one scene from Forest Gump.

BOOM my OralComm final ripped off! CLANK the 3D Design joint flung back! PLOOK there goes my Painting hinge! SPLICKATLE my Physics spring coils shot off! FREEDOM THY NAME IS WORKING LEGS.

Of all the years I’ve been a student (so uh… all my life), I’ve never been this elated to end a school year. One reason for that is because I’m changing a lot. These Kevin thoughts you’re reading right now is metamorphosis Kevin, or how I’d like to call it, METAMORPH KEVIN.

Ending a year of high school didn’t feel like I was relieving myself of huge burdens because back then, my life was school. All my friends were in school, all of my artwork was for school, even all of my extracurricular activities were school related. But for college, schools seems like it’s interfering with my life. Now, I want to make an animated short! I want to work on my website(s)! I want to write the story about that one trooper guy that could turn out really cool! I have plans and ideas I want to execute, but taking classes that require me to spend hours on unrelated projects is not aiding those ambitions.

That’s not to say that school is evil (contrary to popular belief). The friends I made at CSUF are just as awesome as the ones from WhitneyHS (Tangent: WHOA could you imagine all your high school friends battling all your college friends?? Not that they’re fighting over you, just fighting for entertainment sake! That would be so exciting. Each person’s weapon would be an object that reminds you of them, and… well okay this is another conversation that requires full attention some other time. Back to the entry:) Yeah people at college are awesome. School isn’t bad. Another attribute of METAMORPHKEVIN is that I have this desire to soak up as much information as I can. It sounds silly, but I learned that knowledge can be amazing! My career plan has me telling stories all the time, so I’d love to implement all the information I gained from life into those stories. College is just another source of knowledge.

So while it’s not all torture, this year was definitely not a breeze. It’s the build up of insurmountable work from school followed by the relieving nature of releasing the entire load that makes summer ever so sweet.

The last thing I want to say is that ending this year also reminds me of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m Frodo (or Sam) (or both, like Srodo, a single embodiment of the two protagonists), and I just want it all to end. My goal is to reach that Mordor volcano and just destroy the ring because I want to say goodbye to all this evil. I realize it’s not a very good analogy – I have no fellowship of elves and dwarves, no Nazguls, no giant fire eye, no walking trees – not even sweeping shots of the Middle Earth landscape. I’m just a bear-footed Hobbit walking on really rocky ground.

BONUS!: By far the best scene from The Lord of the Rings, it’s the heart of the entire story:

Since emebedding was disabled, here’s a picture of the Hobbits with Merry in the front:

Merry aka Charlie!

Merry… AKA Charlie! From LOST! LOST FINALE TONIGHT! I’M WATCHING FROM 7 TILL 11:30! It is the end of an incredible school year, as it is the end of a mind-blowing series. Hope you’re excited too.