Hey girl!

Ah… summer. For adults at work, nothing really changes much this season, everything’s just a little hotter and public places are slightly more infested with juvenile delinquents. But for us! Assuming you’re not the aforementioned adult, WE kids whose daily itineraries are reliant on class schedules during the colder months, WE get to enjoy summer in all its freedom and glory! Not one to pass up such an opportunity… I did stuff.


UCLA visit

With my posse of TaylorDarren, we visited PaulAnumTiffany at UCLA! I’d go through all the stuff we did, but we pretty much just… ate and talked. Eat lunch and talk! Eat diddy reese and talk! Eat dinner and talk! Later we met up with Kyle (dragonboating guy) and Garyeh! And we all partook in wonderful conversations where a generous amount of laughter and smiles met no bounds!!!!!!


SLO visit

My posse added one character (China representative Roseanna), and we visited Craigo up in CalPoly San Luis Obispo. Question, how long must a car ride be to be classified as a “road trip”? I’m guessing there’s no definite number of miles or hours or miles per hour. But uh… yeah, our trip to SLO was like a mini-roadtrip!! We saw a bunch of stuff including flower fields, narrow bridges, tornado warnings, rock warnings, a tunnel, a nudist colony (but not really), and THREE MEXICANS… aka our potential future.

Flower Fields!

Speaking of which, why is a society of nudists a “colony”. I associate that word with ants and or 17th century settlers, and I don’t think naked people are either… unless the first nudist colony was in the 17th century! So the name just carried over! THAT makes sense!
The first night of our Craigo visit we hiked up P mountain or whatever it’s called. Atop the mountain, we had many incredibly thought provoking conversations, including “if your mate turned out to be a transexual, how would you handle it?”. We finished up with a little stargazing and OH MAN WE SAW A SHOOTING STAR!!

It went like:

“Hey there’s a shooting star!”

-Everyone looks in that direction, star fades away-

“Oh cool!”

-another bigger and brighter shooting star appears-


-simultaneous mind explosions!-


The following day we all played at the beach. Craig found like 1000 sand crabs, Taylor found like 2000 and a few clams, and I… I think I found one baby sand crab. YEAH SUCCESS!! The rest of the afternoon involved regular beach shenanigans such as battling numbingly cold waves and burying Darren up to his chin in sand. Oh I get it! Burying DARREN up to his CHAN in sand! Hoohah!

Then video games, pizza games, card games. Then… Chinese music videos! Then we slept (THAT SECOND NIGHT WAS SO HOT), then we left.


Art visit

Speaking of hot, what’s spicy, deadly, and red all over? SUPER SPICY NOODLE SOUP CHALLENGE! Taylor did not win, but A for effort.

Every Thursday, there’s an event called the Downtown LA Artwalk. My posse (along with piano representative Paul) had a closer look! This was the kind of artwork showcased around the streets and buildings:




I personally think this was some of the better stuff I saw. If you ever go, know that there’s nothing upstairs, it’s just a bunch of apartments.


Beach visit

Last post posse: CraigTaylorDarrenLizDianaKristina. (Hey, Last Post Posse could potentially be an amazing blockbuster western movie. With possums. OH, other pitch, Last Post Possum, just the same movie but made for kids with all the cowboys being little rodents. Alvin and the Chipmunks will cameo.)

The first time biking to the beach in a long time reminded me of two things:

1 – Biking is so fun! Especially when the weather’s really nice!
2 – Biking is so tiring. Especially when you do it for more than an hour straight.

Seal Beach was warmer than Pismo, but probably not as, uh, clean. Note to notetakers: “Contact” is not the most ideal game for bad spellers. Conundrum conundrum conundrum.

YEAH SUMMER FUN! In all reality, I think half of us have some kind of job or summer school to attend, so this season isn’t ALL too free. But for me, these past few weeks were my chances of some definite rest and relaxation. Now to cap it off I shall take the ULTIMATE BREAK for a week, followed by… summer school!