Heyo quick post, I drew something today!

E-Force Trooper #1

Once in a while I get CRAZY urges to draw something particular, but it doesn’t happen too often, so when it does, I jump on the opportunity and beat it to a pulp or something. I TOLD myself to finish this in one hour, but it took an upwards of three. Anyone know an easy way to color digitally inked lines..?

This was the first time I inked something digitally, thanks to the power of a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet! Huzzah technology!! I think it turned out alright. I just might prefer it over traditional ink-on-real-life-paper methods. I wish my Photoshop could recognize pen pressure so I could try more painty effects, but this is cool for now.

Oh yeah, that’s a drawing of an E-FORCE TROOPER, DEFENDER OF EARTH AND EVERYTHING ELSE! More on that later. I should probably get back to working on the aforementioned animation now…