One of the odd things about college is forgetting stuff. I’m not talking about forgetting facts and details for a test or a job (because man that can happen throughout life), I’m speaking of stuff that had become routine during high school and before.

Case in point, I’m taking a U.S. Government class for the summer. It’s the first class I’ve taken remotely related to history since uh… my junior year of high school, so 2007/08. That’s like two years ago! And I sort of forgot how annoying history can be! My first couple days of class were pretty interesting, but then I was loaded with piles and piles of minuscule (yet important for the test) facts that make me whip out every memorization technique I have in the book to combat the monster of information! (Note, I have about two techniques.) It takes a while to adjust back to study methods of a subject I’ve said farewell to long ago.

But the thing about running through the same old path is that I’m different. People really do change during college, even if it’s hardly noticeable, and retreading ancient ground in that “new body” is a pretty weird experience. And hopefully, if you’ve done right to yourself, you can avoid previous conceptions and see that old challenge in a different angle, shedding more light onto it and really getting a better perspective of the same situation.

In any case, after some hardcore studying, I TOTALLY ROCKED THAT TEST! SHZUPAOW!! -kick! fist pump!-

To celebrate, I’m going with TaylorDarren to the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in a few hours. I’M SO EXCITED!!! -Post poned-… Then right after is my trip to Vegas with a bunch of people. So huzzah!

Lessons learned today:

  • College does weird stuff to you.
  • Fill your summer with awesomeness!……….