“I’m leaving next week.”

Isn’t people leaving one of the saddest things life, uh, has to offer? Whether it’s you leaving an awesome place, or a friend leaving to go back to college, leaving sucks. This is why I hate trees. (Badum tah?) Summer is nearing its end and everyone is leaving to go back to their OTHER lives, where summer doesn’t exist, school work is a constant antagonist, and everyone has dissipated in every which direction. Aw man.

I did a lot this summer, and unfortunately, it is time to leave and move on!

Warning: In true Kanga fashion, this post is long. FINALLY, amiright?!

Chapter 1: Going to the Casino!

Bellagio water show!

What could possibly go wrong?

July 9th-11th, I went to Vegas with JodieAlexCarolinePaulTaylorDarrenAnumAndrewlee! They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Luckily KApp bends the laws of taglines. Here’s what we did!

  • Drive there
  • In N Out – super busy. If you ever see an In-N-Out that is not busy, PLEASE take a picture and send it to me. I shall put it on my wall of “IMPOSSIBLE?!”.
  • Arrive at Jodie’s time share! Yay!
  • For some reason the kitchen was really busy as soon as we got in.
  • Walk across the street to that one “NO” place
  • Bowling / Arcade
  • Eat Korean BBQ like awesome Asians!
  • Titanic on TV. I’m not a big fan of James Cameron (he almost reminds me of Michael Bay), but Titanic is a great movie…
  • Games. Paul is so funny when he, uh, plays those games…
  • Sleep, wake up
  • Uno!
  • Bellagio!
  • $30 buffet for 3 hours! All of the food was pretty good, nothing mind blowing though… although Caroline could not stop talking about that one fish. And despite her constant compliments, the name of that fish still escapes me. Also, we ate ostrich! Delicious!
  • At shopping place… split into 2 groups!
  • Walk around the place, fake rain storm inside??
  • Try to meet up with the other group but fail.
  • Excalibur arcade, Darren got a whole mess of stuff. Man, he would disappear, and the next I would see him he’d have some other stuffed animal in his hand. HEHE
  • Played a game akin to those claw games. After $1 of coins I got 150 tickets!! (Which, after some math, 150 tickets turns out to be worth about $1.) However, the machine was broken! Oh noes! I talked to some employees, long story short, I received 152 tickets!
  • Things I got with my 152 tickets: POWER RANGER TRADING CARDS, mini water gun, *crystal sun charger*, Tootsie Rolls for everyone else!
  • NYNY arcade! Not as fun or roomy as Excalibur I’d say.
  • Water show at the Bellagio! We could’ve recreated the final scene of Ocean’s Eleven if it weren’t for the 100 other tourists surrounding the fountain…
  • Picture with a snake snake snaaaaake.
  • Looking for dinner. 711 or Walgreens??? Walgreens wins, as does Ramen, as do all of us who ate it. :)
  • Car battery died after midnight in 90 degree weather whhHHHAaaat! Luckily Bellagio security guard came to the rescue.
  • Back at 2AM FINALLY… eat, then watch The Room at a time so late it was difficult to enjoy.
  • Sleep, wake up.
  • New battery at good ol’ Walmart, then 5+ hours to hooooome!

Facebook pics:!/album.php?id=595571752&aid=240700


Pic by Jandondo
FYI, this is the only pic I didn’t get from Google.

July 16th-18th, I went to the Whitney High School Cross Country Alumni ’09 Retreat with JanJaydeeKimberlyVeronicaJessieJane, later joined by MillyCindy. This trip is also known as CameraWhoreHeaven. I would summarize what we did… IF VERONICA HADN’T DONE THAT ALREADY AW YEAH THANKTHANKS:!/note.php?note_id=452447510711

Unlike last year, we actually had a RUN like cross country-ers should… Repeats on San Joaquin hill. It was no 14 mile, 2 hour torture marathon, but it was hard and actually felt kinda good!

Bagh, XC retreat is always so awesome.

My Facebook pics:!/album.php?id=595571752&aid=232835

Chapter 3: SD Comic-Con

July 21st-23rd, attended the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con with JanSamee. This event is like a large concentration of randomness, awkwardness, and awesomeness. Mainly the awesomeness. Even though we only went for 2 out of the 4 days, we still got lotsa stuff done! Happenings and inside jokes ahead:

  • Uh… what is this mystery towel in our hotel room…
  • Free plastic swords!
  • Sign says “Tommy Wiseau & Friends Today between 1 & 5”. OHMYGOSH PICTURE WITH HIM LATER…
  • Angelina Jolie story summarized in sentences: Walking back from parking lot, what are all those people over there? Why are they running around in the back of the convention center with their cameras?? LET’S HAVE A LOOK SEE! Oh apparently Angelina Jolie was here! whhooOOaa… oh look, cars are leaving! Angelina is in one of them! The last car stopped… Angelina stepped out?! OHMYGOSH THERE SHE IS!! She’s saying hi, signing autographs, taking pictures! Wha! Woh!? I shall take a bunch of pictures of her! Video too! We’re so close! Dude, I could totally touch her if I wanted to be pummeled by body guards! “Angelina has to go” says some guy. Aww… bye bye AJ.
  • Jwok for lunch both days. The place changed a little, but the food is still delicious…
  • “Vanda Vanda!”
  • Yay we got more YuGiOh trading cards! Someone remind me to scan and upload em.
    “Hi! –handshake– I watched The Room! It’s an awesome movie!”
    “Thank you ha ha!”
    “Can you sign a poster?”
    “Sure! –starts signing- What is your name?”
    “Um, can you just put your name?”
    -He already wrote ‘To:’-
    “Alright I’m just gonna put question mark!”
    -writes ‘To: ? Love, Tommy Wiseau’-
    “Cool, can I get a picture with you?”
    -I give my camera to someone and stand next to him. He points two fingers at the camera in a ‘I’m watching you’ gesture’-
    “Uh… –copy his gesture-”
    “Oh, what are we doing, what’s cool? How bout a thumbs up?”
    -we thumbs up-
  • Psych panel! Why they so funny.
  • Scott Pilgrim panel! Why that movie so good.
  • “Because I know, SOMEWHERE, deep down in my heart… 143…”
  • “Oh, Samee, I shall tell you about the potatoes…”
  • Irish + British = Brirish
  • Just Dance, Jan.
  • Cardboard shield to go with inflatable sword!
  • Battle with giant cuetips!! Video to be posted here later.
  • Artists saw: Bryan Lee O’Malley, Kazu Kibuishi, Jake Parker, Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz, David Malki!. I’d link to all their websites, but… eh.
  • Miscellaneous people: Scalpee, YuGiOh, EYE GUY…, Conman (pizza for a dollar!)

Favorite quote from the trip: “Do you know why I’m excited? Because I love you guys.” (I don’t think Samee knows I wrote one down, or even remembers saying it…) Good times! Can’t wait to do it all again next year :)

Chapter 4: Graph sig?


July 29th went to Siggraph with KevNWhitney. Don’t know what Siggraph is? Well me neither until like a month ago. It’s pretty much a computer graphics software convention. I wouldn’t have gone, BUT I FOUND FREE TICKETS SO I TOTALLY WENT. Totally worth the money. I think my favorite part was throwing virtual ninja stars at KevN and Whitney.
Epilogue: Lil Tokyo and Asian candy! (Candies? Is candies plural?)

Chapter 5: N-n-n-n-n-n-n-nick


August 4th got a tour of Nickelodeon with TaylorDarrenCraig thanks to Julia! Huzzah connections. YEAH IT WAS REALLY COOL… It was actually very close to how I imagined. Colorful cubicles, a bunch of random toys and decorations. Although I didn’t realize that almost all the shows were made in the SAME building. They’re bound to cross creativity streams, right? I didn’t see any Back at the Barnyard stuff THANK GOODNESS MAYBE THE SHOW IS GONE. I don’t mean to be so mean toward the show, but man, just looking at it is like toothpicking my retinas.

Spongebob storyboard oooOOOooo!

Afterward we went to the beach for a lil bit. Then 2 hour drive back wwhhHHAaaat traffic is one of the greatest evils in the world.

And no, I didn’t get to see any The Legend of Korra stuff… they’re so secretive, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the Avatar people worked in some underground structure under a lake where they brainwash people into knowing how to make an awesome show…

Chapter 6: Wilderness Hardcore

Wild men!

August 5th-6th went on a HARDCORE CAMPING TRIP at San Gabriel River Valley with PaulAlexCraigDarrenTaylorParthAndreW. What do you mean by “hardcore”, you ask? HERE’S WHAT I MEAN!

  • 10 mile hike to camping site.
  • At least 100 feet high elevation.
  • ~30 pound backpacks.
  • ~90 degree weather.
  • Meal from cans.
  • Crossing through knee high rivers along the path.
  • Crossing literally 1-foot wide ledges.
  • Crossing shakey logs over rivers.
  • Crossing our fingers cougars wouldn’t attack us.
  • No tent.
  • Possible rattle snake encounter.
  • Possible larger-than-squirrel-size animal encounter.
  • Black widow encounter.
  • Literal sausage fest.
  • Drinking and “bathing” in river water.


I think I can appreciate nature a lot more now. Everything about it is very REAL. None of nature is planned out, thumbnailed, blue-printed, measured, or built using man-made instruments. It is what it is. No facades = no facade.

Sidenote: Wished we saw double rainbow.

Chapter 7: Bring him down to Chinatown!


August 13th, Chinatown visit with DarrenCraigHannah. AKA the minimotherland! (I can say that right?)

So it turns out Chinatown is a lot bigger than that one little plaza place. But regardless of how big it really is and how cool all those little stores are, I FORGOT MY CAMERA to capture all of the awesomeness! But one thing worth mentioning: our waiter was a wookie. HEHEHEHE

Chapter 8: Arts Don’t Walk!

this is what it was like sorta

August 14th, went to the Pomona Art Walk with WhitneyT. Another bad time to forget my camera… I think I enjoyed it a lot more than the LA artwalk, partly because we had a map and weren’t baffled about our location.

If you ever go, here are a couple notes:

  • The coolest part is the sculpture garden.
  • Uhh beware of this place with what looked like a bunch of embossed metallic prints. The artwork is awesome (some of my favorite), but everyone there is a gangsta-looking hispanic guy. Not that I don’t like hispanic people, they’re just intimidating. Lettin you know.

Chapter 9: Mountain MAGICO

like this
It was like this, except at midnight and with Asian people.

August 20th, played at Six Flags with CraigEricPaulJessica. For $19 we went on 5 crazy rollercoasters in the time span of 5 hours (Scream, Colossus, Batman, Tatsu, and X2 if you must know). I don’t remember screaming so much the last time I went to Six Flags. Screaming is fun. AH X2 IS SO CRAZY. FIRE SAY WHAT?!

Playing all those improv games really helped pass the time in the long Comic-Con-esque lines.

Epilogue but not really

What do you call those things at the end of the book that’s more story, but not really a continuation? Just more background stuff? Like, I think, at the end of the Lord of the Rings books? Well, that is this.

  • Other summer stuff mentioned in other posts..: SLO visit, LA Art Walk, HAWAII
  • CSULB film festival… what the heck that’s so long time ago.
  • When Harry Met Sally when I met up with Liz.
  • Utilizing underwater camera at KevN’s pool! Still gotta upload those pictures.
  • Summer school..!.. study groups sorta work.
  • July 4th fireworks. If they can make happy faces, they should make other stuff…
  • Toy Story 3!
  • Despicable Me and Inception!!
  • The Last Airbender! Just kidding I haven’t seen the movie yet because it sucks.
  • Random awesome whiteboard drawings at work… and wait we got an iPad?!
  • Free Weezer concert! Review: AWESOOOOOME.
  • Animation work with Caroline, can’t wait for what we come up with!
  • Failed attempts for The Office marathons.
  • A bunch of random meals with friends.
  • Pictionary and Pictionary Telephone.
  • Working out with KevN and Pauliwago (never at the same time though…)
  • Four Swords Adventures! That game is MUCH more fun when you’re not playing alone. Dear Nintendo, sequel please.

If I didn’t hang out with you, WHERE YOU AT?! Let’s make it next summer. (Unless you’re like a 10/10 on the creepy scale. 9/10 I’ll settle.)


All that, everything I just typed, that is everything I’m leaving behind. I’m setting sail and riding the waves toward the sunset and leaving my memories on the shore (or the other way, so my memories are sailing away. Whichever. Whatever).

But… maybe leaving is a good thing. As one point, whenever anything bad like a rotten smell or a douchey-douche drunk at a party leaves the vicinity, that’s always great. Those are the kinds of farewells that are always welcome. (Hey, “welcomed farewells” are ironic. Hm.)

And then there are those times when good stuff leave. Good food, good toys, good people, good times… and you can’t help but be a little sad. Knowing that the condition and state of a particular person will not coincide with your last impressions is a daunting realization to cope with. It is essentially the end of one source of happiness – how can that not be a tiny bit depressing? Well, maybe that’s what makes “leaving” a good thing. Maybe by feeling that loss of something wonderful lets you know that you did indeed experience something wonderful. You can acknowledge the fact that what just happened was awesome, and if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have such sorrow as you turned the page and reached the last sentence of the last chapter of such an amazing story. When the time comes to leave behind memories, that is when you know whether all of it was worth living through.

<!–end moral–>