Sketchadors ENSEMBLE!!

(It’s a badly executed play on words because usually it’s “(team name) ASSEMBLE”, but yknow, this time it’s “ensemble”. This is my method.)

Soooo Kristina Darren and I started a new collaborative art blog. Check it out!


Right now it only has our introduction drawings, but every month we’ll each be posting a new picture according to a theme. Doin’ the math, I say that’s 3 days of awesome every 30 days!

I’m excited to start drawing for this thing… but I’m actually just as excited to start adding more contributors! Right now it’ll just be us three testing the waters, but later on we’ll invite other artists, primarily WHS ’09 alumni people. Not sure when that will happen… but if you’re a WHS ’09 alumni artist person, KUDOS! We might want you to join us soon.


I drew Inspector Gadget.


It’s for the CSUF Pencil Mileage Club monthly drawing competition. This is only half of the piece, maybe I’ll post the second part of it later?

Note that this is NOT for the aforementioned Sketchador blog. I realize spatchcocking this picture into the same post could lead to confusion, but hopefully you will read this paragraph and all will be well won.

Go-go-gadget post conclusion!