The Obscurity Trinity

I occasionally encounter stretches of humdrum where life doesn’t really put me in any interesting situation. Everyday I’m a little metallic ball in a pachinko machine, bouncing every which way until I reach the bottom. Some of the time I’ll end up in the empty slot, think “better luck next time, Kevio!”, and go home. But OTHER days I end up in the middle Super Bonus Jackpot slot three times in a row!


I encountered three peculiar people, all of them worth talking about in a blog post. (FYI, not chronological.)

1. Toe Penciler

If you read my Twitter post, the whole story can probably be said in less than 140 characters… basically, I was in Bio 101 when the girl to my left dropped a pencil. I considered picking it up for her, since it would’ve been a little difficult for her to reach according to where it landed. Then I looked down. I saw her bare foot released from her sandal and latched on top of the pencil. She grasped the utensil with her toes and slowly slid it closer so she could pick it up.

Naturally, I was mentally speechless. And then I mentally laughed. HAHA it was a lil creepy to see someone practice prehensile footwork, but probably more fascinating than gross.

Sidestory: My bio teacher asked the class “if the albino allele gives an African American boy pale white skin, what happens to the skin of a white Caucasian who receives the albino allele?”. The guy behind me then whispered to himself “he’s transparent..?”.

2. Nose picker

The title of this one is pretty self explanatory. On my ride home from school, I looked in the rear view mirror to find a middle-aged man picking his nose. He alternated between going deep with his thumb and checking his face in his mirror. These booger-nanigans (made up word!) went on for the two minutes I watched him. He was really going at it.

3. Fat Sad

Having a couple hours to kill between classes, I found a nice seat in the CSUF alumni lounge to just vegetate and think about vegetation. I looked across from me and I saw a fat man. This man, however, was no ordinary rotund fellow – he was quite possibly the saddest looking chubby guy I have ever seen. He was just staring up at the ceiling, probably thinking “why..? this is not the life I wished for…”. He stared up there for a good 10 minutes, occasionally pausing to look down and pat his belly, possibly thinking “why am I like this?”, then lifting his face back up.

It was a spectacular sight to say the least. It’s difficult to describe the image. Too bad I couldn’t get a picture of him… Oh wait I did! I TOTALLY DREW HIM!!

Fat Sad
I didn’t have my sketchbook so he’s on my manila folder.

BTW, I don’t mean to insult him by calling him fat. Why can’t “fat” be just a descriptive word rather than a word loaded with insulting connotations?! I blame wives in pants with husbands in the room.


Umm… now that I think about it, I’m kind of a creepy guy myself, disregarding privacy and watching all these other people go about their undisturbed business. But if I don’t, someone else will! So I HAD to take notice! And that’s the magical part about life; Being observant enough to catch a girl clawing at a pencil with her toes, or to spot the most epically sad fat guy on campus, or to be the witness of some good ol’ fashioned nose picking… thas the good stuff.

I guess I’m saying that crazy events and encounters COULD happen by chance, like a meteor hitting the earth or spontaneous combustion, but why wait? Crazy things occur all around us all the time, you just gotta look around and take notice. So… maybe life isn’t as random as pachinko. Because lemme tell ya, just looking at the pachinko machine with keener sight ain’t gonna get the dang ball in the right hole.