One Trick Pony

Change is really odd when you notice it actually happening, a la watching the cell finally split in Telophase (<– this is a product of my enrollment in Bio 101).

This picture's kinda creepy.

Yesterday while chowing down at In-N-Out before the big Nerf War, it dawned on me: I’m really goofy. Like REALLY kind of weird. I have filled my repertoire of interaction with awkward gestures and nonsensical commentary. It’s nothing too bad to make the friends running, but sometimes I can be just odd enough to get looks of concern, face palms, or a good mocking.

This is not a bad thing – in fact, I welcome the anomaly in a generally mundane world. But I feel like I’ve gotten more and more bizarre lately, and it could end up becoming my “thing”. I would be known for being the “goofball”… and that’s it. Not someone to inquirer about world problems, not a guy to speak to about something emotionally distressing. Because I’m that guy who’s just a weirdo.

I had a friend who no one could take seriously. It wasn’t because he was never serious, but he was just such a fun guy that no one really wanted to acknowledge the levity of his situations. He was a conduit of good attitudes and fun times, so why mess with that and be “serious”?? Well, despite how entertaining it was to tease this guy, he soon got sick of it. What was once a good joke became a reoccurring annoyance he had to bear nearly every single day. It’s ironic that the guy who provided the fun was often times not having any at all.

Now if you’ve called me a goofball or a weirdo or anything of that manner, I’m NOT discouraging it. It’s still fun and funny to be around people who can be stupid or call you stupid. It’s great being a dork, and I know that I am not yet a caricature of said dork. It’s just the possibility of me becoming one that worries me a little.

I guess I’m just trying to make sure other people (LIKE YOU, PERSON READING THIS) don’t make the mistake of classifying anyone as a one-dimensional character. It’s a nuisance to other person and can become a headache with every “how’s the weather up there, tall guy?”.

And a message for people who find it easy to lull into a routine personality: Don’t get stuck there. If you see yourself becoming a one-trick pony, try teaching yourself new tricks.