Boomsday: The Baby Shower

Time to talk about important stuff. Like babies.


Behold! BOOMSDAY! I’d really like to leave this piece up to the interpretation of anyone, but here’s MY interpretation:

This woman (codenamed “BOB” for “Barrel of babies”) was impregnated by a mutant man who had the ability to clone himself. Naturally, once his sperm penetrated BOB’s egg, BOB had the ability to reproduce multiple babies at an alarming rate. As fascinating as having a baby-gunning groin initially appeared, she eventually succumbed to mounting debt and became a homeless, wandering the streets of the city, buried waste deep in babies. Her depression turned to rage and she grew horribly bitter with anyone possessing Y chromosome. This illustration is a depiction of her revenge on all the men in the world.

Great story. Great story.

A month ago I posted this picture on Sketchadors. I was going to show you my process for this piece, but there are way too many steps to decipher into one coherent post. In short, my process for this piece was quite different than my last “Sokka” piece, even though I used the same technique. It required a LOT of the Magic Wand and inverse selecting.

So instead of breaking things down, here are some extras!

My initial idea was to have BOB glowing with electricity, but it didn’t make the final cut because the craziness didn’t mix well with the umbilical cords.

BOB electricity

Then I thought, yknow those posters in schools that promote reading? Wouldn’t this be a GREAT Read poster? Sure, there aren’t any books in the picture, but what better way to get to a child’s heart than through fear?

Boomsday Read

I should submit this to local libraries.

So now that Boomsday is completed, the sad part is that I can no longer tell people that “I’m gonna go work on my babies!!”. Oh well. They grow up so fast…