Lam Art x2

Welcome to Art Upload Sunday!

One of the most annoying things about putting my work up online is… uh… wait no, actually that’s my point – putting my work up online is annoying. If only my scanner and or camera would automatically take the piece, touch it up, upload it straight to Flickr, then instantly give me a copy of the HTML code for my site. Oh well, one can only dream of the day when laziness is fully embraced.

Anyway, Art Upload Sunday exists because I need to tell myself that TODAY is the assigned day I will upload my art. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll make a post about it, but I have to at least get my piece up on the web, or at the very least, on my computer.


First to bat we have a lovely graphite rendering of my grandfather! Mr. Lam took about 6 hours to complete over Thanksgiving break. This is the final part of my hypothetical series “Kevin’s Grandparents!”.

Sidenote: This grandfather on my dad’s side is actually a really good artist himself! He prefers painting Chinese-y stuff, like birds and landscapes… Come to think of it, maybe I should try to get some of his art to put in my room! That would definitely be neato torpedo.


Next up is my self-portrait, drawn for my oh so wonderful life drawing class (<-- sarcasm, more on that later). Boy Drools took 5-6 hours. Something interesting I learned while drawing this: the tension of your face muscles fluctuate during the day! Generally they’re more tense in the morning, then as the day goes on they relax and get pudgier. So if you couldn’t tell, I started this piece in the morning.

And yes that’s me drooling. I really should’ve gone on with my plan to actually drool on the piece of paper. Gah that would’ve been great. Gah maybe I’ll do it next time I draw myself drooling in a self portrait. So probably never :(

And yes I had to actually drool for reference.