Pope Fun

Yesterday, after the Dreamworks tour, after buying Singing Baby songs, after the PMC Chrismas Party, after looking at Tim Robinson’s blog, I’d come to the realization THIS BLOG does NOT update AS often AS I WOULD like. Case in point, I only had one entry for November! I spent a good few months working on this super snazzy layout last year, but updates nowadays are few and far between.

Thus, to remedy my woes of neglect, I will post more often, more awesome. Hey that’s a good catchphrase… “Kevin Approved: More often, more awesome”.



It’s LEGEND OF THE WARRIOR THE POPE. The reason it’s not just “warrior pope” is because that could reference ANY pope. This is THE Pope.

Prediction: I WILL post a lot more this month, only because I have a small backlog of items in the pipeline, and I’ll probably churn out a few more entries during my month long winter break, but come February, I won’t uh… well, I’ll see what happens.