WD Element External Harddrive problem… solved!

Warning: Super niche post.

“won’t access wd elements external hard drive”

That, and variations of that phrase, is what I kept typing into Google to find my answer! I just got a WD Elements External Harddrive to back up my memory on my computer, but my computer was NOT recognizing it! It “installed” something something, but the harddrive never showed up in “My Computer”. I looked all around online and no one had my the same problem as me!

But then I got it working.

I plugged the harddrive into another computer, and it worked flawlessly. It was an attempt to check if the HARDDRIVE had the problem, or my COMPUTER. Seeing as how it was probably my computer, I replugged the harddrive into the original computer AND IT WORKED! Popped right up on My Computer!

I just wanted put my solution online somewhere in hopes of helping someone out who had the same problem as me.

That is all. Carry on.