Kevin’s Song-Learning Cycle

  • 1. Hear a great song.
  • 2. “I must learn how to play just this ONE song on the piano/guitar and I shall be forever content!”
  • 3. Look up tutorials online.
  • 4. Find a good Youtube video tutorial.
  • 5. Practice by running back and forth between my computer in my room and my keyboard in the living room.
  • 6. Have all the notes memorized, but flub up every single time (unless I play really slowly that it’s inaudible as a piece of music).
  • 7. Practice and practice.
  • 8. Got it down!
  • 9. Practice the next day.
  • 10. Still got it!
  • 11. Forget about it for a week.
  • 12. Oh yeah! Try to play the song again but forget the last half of the notes.
  • 13. Oh well!
  • 14. Go back to drawing.

I am willing to break out of this cycle and really LEARN how to play a song!..