(Tagline based on this image.)

RoboCop is awesome for many reasons.

1. His name. It combines 2 fantastic words that are even great on their own.
2. His character. What’s cooler than a robot and a cop? How about A ROBOT COP!? I imagine his breakfast is a metallic nut the size of a donut.
3. His chin thing. I feel like it brings out his lips.
4. His walk. You could play Mr. Roboto by Styx throughout the whole movie and it would match perfectly.
5. His human name. It’s Murphey. How 80’s is that!!

All in all, pretty great movie! Although I’d only recommend it to you if you can appreciate the corniness of 80’s movies, especially sci-fi ones.

Changing topics with this sentence…

Throughout break I’ve been working on a webcomic! I just completed strip #5 yesterday. I don’t want to say too much about it, but here’s a one-picture preview!

Subno Sample

Duh duh duh! Who is this guy?! Why is he poking a what-looks-like-a rat!? Find out later!! I also know I made promises on revealing what a Line Walker is, what an E-Force Trooper is, and what the design of this blog is based on. Those answers are on their way too! I haven’t forgotten!

If you’re keeping track at home, I’m working on 5.5 projects now:

  • Animated short
  • Sketchadors
  • New webcomic
  • Calendar (for parents)
  • Scroll of my life (more on that later)
  • This website (it’s only worth .5 units because it often takes the back seat to everything else…)

Is this more than I can handle? OF COURSE NOT! MUAHAHAHA… and I have about 3 more weeks of break to get a lot of work done. As long as I don’t get distracted by anything else like blogs or videogames, I should be alright……

Okay post is done. Imma go play Uncharted 2 now.