Strange Brothers

Overdue artwork from Sketchadors!


Dark Stranger
I got the idea for this while walking through the CSUF campus at night and passing a poster lit up in a strange way. This looks nothing like what I saw… but I liked the idea of two strangers walking past each other under one light with one detail not making any sense.


Two Brothers
My interpretation:

Two eccentric twin brothers are living an unfulfilled life when they discover that they have 8 more brothers scattered across the medieval-esque land of Fortonia. They set on a quest to find those siblings, and in doing so, get into heaps of trouble with knights from the various provinces, uncover the whereabouts of their parents, and encounter a king who wants to kidnap the brothers for reasons unknown.

This should be real! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! (Not sure who I’m talking to.)

Bah I canNOT write well in the morning. Clever juices ain’t flowin. Oh well, off to UCR!