Viva La Resolution

The Flash is “The Fastest Man Alive”, Mercury is the “The Fastest Planet Ever Nearby” (deemed by scientists), and January is definitely “The Fastest Month To Come To An End”. Just when you’re settling into the near year, BOOM the first month’s gone! Whosah whatsit?! (Numerically, February is the shortest month, but psychologically, January is like two days long.) Right now it may not seem like the shortest month, but later on when you look back on Janurary 2011, you’ll probably remember one thing you did, and everything else will be images of snow even though it probably didn’t even snow in your area.

Just wait and see.

In the meantime… RESOLUTIONS! We all need one. My FIRST resolution is to make a bunch of resolutions! HERE THEY ARE

The 2011 Multi-tiered Resolution


  • Be more caring.Not to say I’m not a kind person or sensitive, but I really oughta go out of my way to be a better friend and stuff. I’ve been lazy in that department.
  • Be more outgoing/talkative. I think I’ll be using the magical world of Internet to help with this kind of stuff.
  • Meet new people. So far I met uh… two people this semester. So far so good.


  • Workout often! To get buff, but not TOO buff. Not a fat puff, just a good buff between those buffs – a buffer buff, none of the fluff. (I think… I think that was a poem…)
  • RUN… at least once a week? That sounds do-able.


  • Uhhh… wait I think I’m good on this front so far. No need to put too much food on one plate!

Art stuff

  • Draw EVERYDAY!
  • Post artwork online ALL THE TIME!
  • Finish animated short. Does this count as a resolution?
  • Update my blog(s) OFTEN!

Alriiiight there’s my list. So… first resolution accomplished! Good start to a new year.

Speaking of new, I feel like a different person. As corny as it sounds, I looked in the mirror the other day and saw someone different. This description doesn’t get more specific than “different”, but I feel changed nonetheless, and this is good! I keep telling myself that this “new” Kevin can do things the “old” Kevin could never accomplish, and OH I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS, it allows me to free myself from anything that hindered me or brought me down before. It’s like I was a caterpillar and couldn’t travel to the tree over there. But then I changed into a butterfly and I CAN FREAKIN’ FLY NOW! That tree is NOTHIN!! Some day I shall become a space butterfly, then who KNOWS what’s next!?

I just hope my new wings can help with those resolutions. (Buh sorry, butterfly metaphors are completely overused.) (Speaking of which, I compared myself to a caterpillar before. Interseting…)

Anyway! I am hungry. I think I’ll go get Quiznos for dinner…