Angry Bird

My job at CSUF involves processing various videos for teachers. Yesterday I encountered my first angry teacher – the one day all my supervisors were out.


I run from the studio to the front desk. A professor is standing there.


“Hey, I’m here to pick up a cassette and some DVDs.”

“Alright, what’s your name?”

“Steel Ocean” (Not his real name.)

“Alright, lemme get them for you”

I run back to the studio. I find the cassette… but not the DVDs… I grab it and run back out.

“Here’s the cassette. I couldn’t find any DVDs, are you sure you gave it to us?”

His head falls in disgust.

“I ASKED for my cassettes to be converted to DVDs. I gave it to you guys three weeks ago. No one TOLD me I had to bring in my own DVDs—”

“Oh OH right, I remember your project now… no no, you don’t have to bring in your own, we supply the DVDs. Um… I’m not sure where we are on the project… um…”

I look around the office. It’s empty. The regular employees weren’t there and it was only me and the other student assistant in the studio.

“…yeah, uh, everyone else is at some workshop thing… um…”

“Can I CONTACT one of them? Can I get them on the phone?”

“Um… yeah, I’ll call Tim’s cell phone.”


“Yeah I’ll go call him, I’ll be right back. I’m sorry about this.”

I run back into the studio. I try calling Tim, but to no avail. I consult Jocelyn.

“What do I do!? He’s pissed out there!!”

“Just tell him…”

She gives me a few suggestions… I go back out to the front desk. Now he’s standing and chatting with a black acquaintance, explaining his problem. I get his attention.

“He didn’t pick up, so I can’t be sure where we are on your videos… but I’ll get started on them right now.”

-siiiiiiigh- “How long will it take??”

“How long was each tape?”

“90 minutes. There were eight of them. I was TOLD they would have to be AVIs because MP4s were too big. That was supposed to fit on 2 DVDs. When can you have this done by??”

“We can get it to you by Tuesday—”

He shakes his head in frustration.

“I had to come here FOUR or FIVE times, and every time, they kept giving me a different excuse, a new PROBLEM and told me to come back later. I was told to come here at 2:00 and I was told they would be ready!”


“They said I could pick it up tomorrow morning. What time can I pick it up??”

Tomorrow morning is Saturday but I don’t question it.

“Oh, um…”

“I have a meeting at 10:00.”

“Uhh alright then how about 9:00?”

-siiiiigh- “Alright then, tomorrow at 9:00.”

“And if we get it done earlier I’ll email you.”


He walks away.

“Sorry about that!”

He throws his hands in the air.