Hey kids!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, especially these past two weeks with a whole lot of work and family issues, so I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to on this blog. But! I’m survivin’!

Crazy stuff: I was approached by a fellow the other day, and, long story short, I’m selling this domain! That means will no longer belong to me. That means will be someone else’s site. That means the name of my blog will change. That means you won’t go to anymore to look at my art or read about my life.

I haven’t decided on a name for the new blog, but from now on, go to It’ll bring you here for the time being, but once I sell this domain, will take you to the appropriate website. also works. That means you have to change your bookmark and RSS feed RIGHT NOW.

So here it is again: will be sold. My new blog will temporarily be found at MAKE NOTE!

BTW, this is all assuming the transaction goes well.

And as a reward for reading through all this (or at least scrolling down the page), here’s a picture I made! It’s based on the TNT series The Closer, and it’s my attempt to draw in the style of Mr. Hipp ( I didn’t get the blacks down, but I’m pleased with what I got!


Maybe pretend that the dead body on the left is KevinApproved? And then this picture can be more relevant to the post?

So with the new blog name and address will come a new design – think of this as a reboot. It’s a little sad to see all my work on this layout go down the drain… but I learned a lot and it was totally worth it. KApp did swell.

Now the future! ONWARD!!