Sorta like a comic

Character likeness courtesy of people around CSUF.


This is how I felt these past two weeks. Well not REALLY, I was in a fairly good mood overall, but my life was bombarded with non-stop work and worries. Just this past week I had 3 tests, 1 essay, and hours upon hours of homework to complete…


This is also how I felt these past two weeks. I had to MAN UP! Accept the challenge of conquering mountains of work!! I wrote down everything I had to do and ATE IT UP INTO A BAJILLION PIECES!! Just kidding, but I like the phrase of eating something up into pieces.


This is how I felt yesterday. Not only did I kick organization’s butt in the butt, but I think I kicked butt’s butt on all my tests (hopefully) and essay and homework!!!!! I also had time to visit Pauliwago at UCLA with Craig and Darren, and I visited LACMA & MOCA with Jason Whitney Jared and Jackson!!! Thus, pictured here is a very deservingly image of “YEAAAHHHH!!”.


Soooo I forgot what this post was going to be about. But hey, here’s something I thought of! Earlier I was walking out of my room when a hanger almost whacked me in the face, so I started to pick a fight with it. The end.

Here’s another non-sequitur: I just got Little Big Planet 2 for my birthday! Which is today! HUZZAURH!!!

Check back here on Sunday for an awesome mysterious post……………