The One Picture Mystery

This is a One Picture Mystery. You are given one picture and some information about it. You must analyze the given evidence to answer the question and figure out the story of what exactly happened.

The Picture:

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The Information: I received my copy of the videogame Little Big Planet 2 the other day. Because it was the limited edition version, I was allowed to download free, additional content. However, it took me longer than expected. After almost 20 minutes, I was able to download my items. Why did it take so long and how did I eventually get it?


  • No knowledge of videogames is necessary.
  • There wasn’t something wrong with the hardware or software – everything you need to know is pictured above.

Start thinkin!

If you have any conclusions or “Yes/No” questions, post them in the comments, I’ll respond to them ASAP.

The Answer: I took out the paper that would grant me access to download the content, but the promotion code was covered by a black piece of tape. When trying to pull off the tape I accidentally ripped the code off the paper. I could read all the letters except one (notice, there is a set of 4 letters, a set of 4 letters, and a set of 3 letters). With the magnifying glass I figured out the missing letter had a left curved edge. I wrote down all the letters on the blue post-it that matched the description and tried each one until the letter “Q” finally worked.