Random Parachuting

First things first: I BOUGHT A TYPEWRITER!! I saw it at a yard sale-like thing at school and snatched it up as soon as I found out it still worked. Best of all, IT WAS ONLY TWO DOLLARS!!! Stingy people all around, rejoice at this find!!

Tangent: Idiomatically, is it “first THINGS first”, or “first THING’S first”? As in “the first group of things come first”, or “the first thing is first”? I’m going to assume both the former and latter – the forlamatter – are correct.

Now art:


For you Burn Notice fans.– Ohh! You can also guess which show I’ll draw next month! Hint: It’s on CBS. Hint #2: It’s not How I Met Your Mother :(

I didn’t have time to draw much else this month, other than all the stuff in my new sketchbooks. Get ready for Buttface, everyone!!! But(t) that’s laaaater.

Now something I was gonna type about:

A lack of updates to my blog often has me wondering… why? Why do my impulses to record my life fluctuate? What am I doing differently?

Well for one thing, this bland layout ain’t helpin’ much. Maybe I can finish my new site design next week during spring break (I have 70ish% done!)…

So other than the default “I’m sooOOoo busy” explanation, I’ve come up with two conclusions as to why I haven’t been bloggin’ things up:

  1. The multitude of other outlets have quelled my interest in blog writing. Twitter lets me tell people awesome things in one sentence if only one sentence is needed, followed by a super witty hashtag (#actuallynotreallywitty). Facebook lets me tell people about stuff and upload event pictures (because I totally do all the time totally punctually totally!). And Tumblr, as if my life didn’t already completely exist online, lets me journalize my experiences *every single day*… I haven’t shared my Tumblr with anybody because 90% of it is boring with a capital BORING.
  2. My blog is different. This dojo used to have reports of my day-to-day encounters, just that and JUST THAT. Now my website has become my art blog outlet – my artlet, if you will (SECOND COMPOUND BONUS! X2 MADE-UP WORDS!!). This is kinda like how Hitler did all that Nazi stuff, but then he also painted too. So I’m like… uh… okay maybe not like Hitler. Maybe I can be like Leonardo Da Vinci – he was an engineer, but then he became a painter… sorta… along with a bunch of other stuff… uhh okay let’s just not use a simile. MY BLOG IS DIFFERENT, STOP THERE. Buhh this paragraph made no sense.
  3. Third extra conclusion! I often get through 15% of a blog post and then lose interest and or decide it’s no good. I gotta stop that. (By producing nine horrible entries for every good one I guess?)

It’s funny how there have been so many times when I wrote something like “OKAY GUYS… look at how I’ve changed!!”. But frankly I can write that nearly every month. And I most likely WILL write posts like that in the future… because, I’m a freakin’ college student!! I’m changing all the time! Mood swings galore!! SHABAKABAPOKEMONISFUNLABATABA!!! I used to think there was just one point that I reach where I’m suddenly fixed in a direction and wobble my way forward. But not really!! Oh here ya go:

Life is like Random Parachuting. We’re popped out of the plane, scared and confused, gaining constant speed as we sail toward the ground. Soon we’re going ridiculously fast, just on the cusp of reaching terminal velocity, and we start to think “WHAT NOW?!”. Then we reach the right speed and the right distance – we pull the cord and start to float down in our parachutes (this is where I am now). We’re not completely sure where or how we’ll land, the winds are constantly pushing us back and forth, but maybe we can steer our chute in the right direction (or what we THINK is the right direction). We land in an open field. Regardless of where we plant our feet in the earth, we have one of two options: we can stand there until we crumble into dust, or we can walk. Walk with faith, confidence, and caution. There are no clear signs of where to go, but we choose a direction and begin our constantly changing trek to the nearest remnants of civilization. Some people find the exact town they’re looking for. Others find a society more incredible than they ever imagined. Few find little to nothing and are left wandering for the rest of their days. But as we shuffle our feet about this foreign land, we can all be thankful to just have reached solid ground.

…hm. I should make a comic on this.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that. I noticed I use a lot of percentages to describe things. Mmmmmhh… Alright time to sleep gnight.