How I will die:

practical joke

I got my card in today.

The one that tells me how I will die.

It’s so ambiguous. I guess it’s kinda cool to sorta know how it will all end, and hopefully, when the time comes, I’ll be in a good mood knowing that a PRACTICAL JOKE is going to kill me… alTHOUGH… what if I won’t be in a good mood? Knowing that any possible joke could result in subsequent death won’t exactly make me laugh (except maybe for hysterical nervousness). Agghhh maybe I shouldn’t have allowed my blood donation to be tested. Maybe life’s last mystery should’ve stayed a mystery.


Yknow what… maybe this card isn’t even real! HAH!! Of course, a machine can’t predict your death! HAAHHAHA!! Gah this is just a sham! “You lie!” It’s a fake! Just one big, practical jo–…