These next few weeks are more jam packed than a jar of packed jam.

I have Long Beach Comic-Con, USC culture show, a possible Making-Of Tangled event at Gnomon, Brooks Watchel speaker at CSUF, LA Festival of Books, an Animation Masters workshop at Woodbury University, Free Comic Book Day, and PMC Film Festival/Gallery.

AND THEN, more things!, visits to grandma at hospital, history essay, art history essay (which is extra credit so I probably won’t do it), accounting group project / write up, 6 archaeology assignments, compsci test, hours of homework from 4/6 of my classes, and finally, FINALS!

As long as I get work done THIS weekend, I shall survive the next four. DUH DUH DUH…

So seeing as how I won’t be able to make any new blog posts any time soon, I’ll just post something now. These sketches are from– uh…– alright so I guess I lost where I scanned my pictures. I will have a sketchdump next post!

For now, just know I’m doing stuff.