Summer Resolutions

As is customary to declare during this time of annual elation:


My last final was this past Thursday. If you’re wondering, it went well! My prof likes my Life Drawing work, I guess I could’ve studied more for Art History, I MIGHT’VE aced the History final (which would be amazing), Archaeology was pretty easy, Accounting was all kinds of difficult (but I passed the class!), and the CompSci test had questions easier than homework. Every semester it is nigh torture getting through the last few weeks. Example, I spentĀ the whole afternoon moping in and around my computer chair in different positions to force myself to finish some essays… but it’s okay. Because I’M DONE! Those six classes are IN THE PAST!

Now, the future.

(That reminds me, I oughta rewatch Blade Runner.)

Summer is amazing. I’m high off thinking-about-summer. It’s so great it’s comparable to marijuana. That’s great.

So what’s up ahead for the exciting world of Kevin Lambo? Let’s find out in list form.

  • Red Bull Soap Box Race – Actually this already happened. Today. It was super cool! WE SHALL BUILD A SOAP BOX FOR NEXT YEAR… who wants to join?
  • Renaissance Fair – That’s gonna happen tomorrow. I’ll be bringing my old minolta camera! :)
  • Road trippin’ – THAT’S HAPPENING THIS MONDAY! Until Sunday. I’m going with CSUF friends Whitney and Jason to Portland, Oregon, pretty much just for fun. I don’t remember the last time I was away from home for that long…
  • New website design – I decided yesterday that I won’t actually design my own layout for Kevin Lam Draws, like what I’ve been doing for the past 9 years. (Whoa 9 years?!) Frankly I’m not a very good web designer – at least I’m not as good as I wish I could be. So I’ll find a free WordPress theme and slap it up here! I’ll still tweak and customize it how I want, though :) (P.S.: For those who care, the Kevin Approved website design was based on a spread out front/back cover of a book. That’s why “kevin approved” was between the main content and the menu bar, it’s like the spine of the book. I had promised to answer that question more than a year ago…)
  • Make business cards – SUPER excited about this. Hopefully I’ll get them before Comic-Con. I’m planning to have a blog associated with my business cards… if it doesn’t make sense now, it will! Soon enough!!
  • Two comics – I’m planning on drawing two short comics within these next few months. This is a bigger deal than a new website design, but I don’t have as much to write about it… just look forward to these! They’re interesting stories!!
  • Retrobud – A comic *series* I want to start… yknow I dunno how much I’ll be able to work on this.
  • Machine of Death submission – I want to submit something to the second volume of the Machine of Death anthology. July 15th is the deadline! I already got a concept down. Anybody want to help me with this?? If the story is published I’ll give you half the money we receive. I THINK WE CAN DO IT!
  • Vacuum my room – It’s about time.
  • Animated short – The animated short I was working on last year has been put on indefinite hiatus. Long story “short”, it was too ambitious, I wasn’t ready. COULDN’T HANDLE THE AWESOMENESS… but this summer I’m going to make a THREE minute crazy short (as opposed to the 6+ minute one). I can tell you now that it’s going to feature The Flash! Huzzah! Look forward to this too…
  • Other random drawings – Like that Psych pic above, hopefully I can churn out some more good stuff, which I shall post promptly on this blog. I’ll try out those morning warm-up sketches that I’ve heard about.
  • Read some HP Lovecraft – Well maybe listen to some audio books of his stories. Whatsup with that cthulu, amiright?
  • Movie nights – Who want’s some?! Who has a house to spare?! I got the Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Concept Design Academy – I’ll be taking “Figure Invention” (like character design) classes at CDA in Pasadena. I don’t know if I’m more stoked to learn from the classes, or more stoked to meet Rad Sechrist. Or more stoked to do both AT THE SAME TIME… (I guess logically it would make sense to be more stoked for that third option.)
  • XC Retreat – Future good times, future good times…
  • SD Comic-Con – The event of all events. I’ll talk more about it when it comes around the mountain.

Dang that’s a lot of stuff. Will I be able to do all of it!? Probably not. Maybe I should cut a few from the list, starting with the vacuuming……

So with all these things that I will potentially be doing, I declare this to beĀ The Summer of Execution! As in I execute some of the ideas I’ve had for a while. I don’t mean the “kill” kind of execute… unless I’m referring to killing those ideas! And when I mean “killing ideas”, I mean like really nailing them, knocking them dead, like really executing them superbly.

Hey this is sort of like new years resolutions in that I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to accomplish all this stuff. But oohhh it’s excitin’.