This is a guy I drew. (Or is two different guys? Or does it have a Shazam/YuGiOh thing goin’ on where it’s two guys in one? I haven’t planned it out. Maybe it’s the kid’s imagination.) Originally it was gonna be a superhero with a wrapping paper tube as his weapon, but I liked the above idea better. This summer I’ll try to concentrate on character design (to coincide with Rad’s class at CDA), so… daily character designs? Maybe? Who knows.

Oh yeahhh, and my series of movie stills idea didn’t work out.

Originally I was gonna draw a different still from an imaginary movie everyday (see older posts), but that didn’t go so well. I did the exact opposite of what I wanted to do, which was to present material that I wasn’t proud of. It made sense for that one post that ONE TIME, but to digitally publish a whole series of drawings that I couldn’t stand by was a fruitless(?) endeavor. But that’s okay! Making mistakes is good.


A little question in the back of my mind for the past week: SHOULD I STILL DOUBLE MINOR IN BOTH COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP EVEN THOUGH IT COULD TAKE AWAY SOME OF MY CONCENTRATION FROM ART?! (The question was lengthified from my head to here for explanatory purposes.) I should probably find an answer before registration…