Name: Kevin Lam

Location: SoCalifornia


Kevin Lam was born and raised in southern California. Growing up he was entranced by cartoons such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Samurai Jack, and his love for animation remained all throughout his teenage and young adult life. He also loved Sunday morning comics and always looked for Zits and Foxtrot every week. The first comic series he made for himself was entitled “Thin and Phat”, which was a buddy-comedy comic strip drawn on stapled printer paper.

He attended college at California State University where he studied animation with an emphasis in storyboarding. Not only did he take animation-specific classes there, but he also attended multiple seminars, workshops, and supplementary classes outside of his traditional education experience, which greatly improved his storytelling and artistic abilities. During his 5 years in college he created two animated shorts, one of which was played at international film festivals.

Currently, Kevin works at Nickelodeon Animation Studios as a production coordinator. He draws artistic influences from Jake Parker, Kazu Kibuishi, Jake Wyatt, Ryan Andrews, Sonny Liew, Sam Bosma, and Bastien Vivès. On his spare time he works on Ascent, his very first on-going webcomic.

He usually does not talk in the third person.

Occasional Online Alias: keviokevio

Email: kevinlamdraws@gmail.com

Twitter: @keviokevio. (Follow me too!)