Year: 2013
Duration: 2:16
Synopsis: A teenager hungry for adventure finds excitement in the clouds with a fishing line and a board.
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Year: 2012
Duration: 5:04
Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Animator
Synopsis: What if instead of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first messenger robot? This animated short follows the story of a late 19th century robot named Telly, traveling through town to deliver a message. But with his back magnetically charged, this robot might attract more attention in this new world than he had originally intended.
Past Festival Screenings:
-LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (May 2012)
-SoDak Animation Film Fest (October 2012)
-CSU Media Arts Festival (November 2012)
-My Hero Fest (December 2012)
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Older videos

Year: 2009
Duration: 3:01
Role: Everything
Synopsis: A short film on an alien planet. This was my first place submission for the Fresh Brain Top Animator contest.
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Here We Go Again (2:57) – I animated this music video as a project for my HS economics class. It has a song about all the major parts in our lives starting from 1991 till 2009. (2009)
What Is Wow? (1:04) – This was my submission for the 2009 PTA Reflections contest with the theme of “Wow”. It ended up winning first place in the film category for the southern California division. (2008)