Cleaning Up Tripwire

Arms! Legs! Exporting! Galoorrreee!!!!

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Coloring Telly!!

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~10 min
No need to watch previous videos to learn how to color, but they will still help. Any questions just ask me!!

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Cleaning up Telly v.2

Please watch and I’ll demo how to clean up Telly. (Watch the previous videos for more insight.)

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Cleaning up Tripwire v.1


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Cleaning up Telly:

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WHAT I didn’t record the audio laaaame… at least you didn’t have to hear my tired voice. Haha.

Alright well here’s what I was saying:
-It’s easier to put parts of Telly on different layers to more easily manipulate him later.
-DON’T use perfect circles. I bent mine a little, then tried to form the circle again. This will create a more hand drawn look.
-Clean up UP UNTIL THE POINT you see in the video, before the fills are added. So don’t draw the upper arms and the neck, those will be filled in later with the brush tool.

1. Convert video file to .flv file

  1. Open Adobe Media Encoder.
  2. Drag or Add File onto Adobe Media Encoder.
  3. Change “Format” to “FLV | F4V
  4. Click on Preset option. A window will open.
  5. Change Preset to “FLV – Match Source Attributes (Medium Quality)” (Not F4V)
  6. Uncheck “Export Audio
  7. Change “Frame Rate” to 24
  8. Click OK
  9. Click on Output File option
  10. Direct it to a folder on your computer
  11. Click OK
  12. Start Queue

2. Import to Flash

  1. Drag file into Adobe Flash (Or: File > Import to Stage). A window will open.
  2. Check off “Embed FLV inSWF and play in timeline
  3. Click Next
  4. Uncheck “Include audio

3. Trace

  1. Lock the video layer
  2. Add a new layer
  3. Use the rectangle tool or pencil tool with a tablet to trace on the new layer
  4. Repeat for every NEW drawing

Tracing tips:

  • Don’t forget to add a keyframe for every new drawing
  • Adjust the lines accordingly
  • It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate
  • Use as few points as possible
  • Make sure all the shapes are closed
  • Use the model sheets and “How to Draw Telly” for reference.
  • Fix proportions

Make sure the Flash file is playing at 24 fps.

To change the FPS:

  1. Click on the empty stage and/or nothingness.
  2. Open the Properties window
  3. Change the FPS to 24.